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Who'd have thought it would take a global pandemic to turn a passion for coffee and a long-held dream into a reality? But that's what happened for me.

I'm Ken O'Mahony and I've been a freelance TV Cameraman for over 30 years, a career that has taken me all over the world, with ample opportunity to test and taste the best coffees out there. It was while working on the RTE series 'At Your Service' that I first had the idea about opening a mobile coffee shop.

Like most people, in March 2020 work suddenly stopped for me. In the beginning, I really enjoyed the break, for the first time in decades I wasn't worried about the phone not ringing or the blank diary. There was no work! But where there is adversity, there is opportunity. One day I looked at my old horsebox, which I had used to take my ex-racehorse Mike up and down to the beach, and thought I'll turn that into a Coffee Box and we'll do it as a family - myself, my wife Camilla, Orlagh and Fionn. It took a couple of months but by the middle of June it was finished and just two weeks later with the kind support of Jack and Eilis we based ourselves at The Golden Anchor Pub in Castletown.

It's been an amazing journey so far. We love the social aspect that goes with .... talking to people, listening to them and seeing them relax while enjoying their coffee made from the best ingredients - filtered water from our own well, amazing Imbibe coffee beans and creamy Jersey milk from the village dairy. Add in local artisan cakes and it's a treat like no other from our family to yours. Join us in Castletown, you won't beat the chat, the craic or the coffee!

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